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The auto industry is no idle and manufacture is now declining rapidly. IBM revenue and sales continually drops. Industrial production is signalling a recession. Which means the country has been a recession and we are moving towards a collapse of the economy. Deutsche Bank pays a fine for manipulating the silver market. The creator of the EU is letting the world know that the EU is collapsing and will not survive.

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Author James Perloff returns to SGT Report to breakdown the hardcore proof that Hillary Clinton is the Central Banker’s choice for US President, and the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Bush families will do anything in their power to see her inserted into the Oval office so that their international crime “business” can continue unabated and unaccountable to rule of law. Visit SGT


Just Say No


Calling ‘deplorables’ and ‘basement dwellers’…

Hillary’s USA


Raise your hand if you believe Hillary Clinton will be able to effectively govern after all the lies, deception & corruption that’s been exposed – Now slap yourself in the face.



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