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The auto industry is no idle and manufacture is now declining rapidly. IBM revenue and sales continually drops. Industrial production is signalling a recession. Which means the country has been a recession and we are moving towards a collapse of the economy. Deutsche Bank pays a fine for manipulating the silver market. The creator of the EU is letting the world know that the EU is collapsing and will not survive.


Hillary’s Fantasy World


Can you imagine an administration that would be willing to risk civil war at home and nuclear war abroad to maintain control of the narrative? From what we’ve seen postmortem, America REALLY made the right choice on November 8th.

The Russians made us do it


The old guard simply can’t accept how badly they misjudged the average person on the street. Never ones for reflection, establishment hacks are now blaming anything & everything on ‘Russian interference’. You can’t make this stuff up.

Will you stand up?


My final argument to Americans who see what I see and know this country is on the wrong track. This may be our last chance to stand up and send a clear message to those who wish to separate us from our wealth and our liberty. Will you vote for what you know is right, or will you fall in line?

Stand Up or Shut Up


We will never understand why you committed political suicide for her. We will never accept it either.

Just Say No


Calling ‘deplorables’ and ‘basement dwellers’…



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