Shots Fired By DAPL Agent Provocateur at the Dakota Pipeline Protest

A man disguised as a water protector at Standing Rock opened fire with an assault rifle Thursday.


A pipeline security photo ID badge was later found in his truck, which papers show is also owned by the DAPL pipeline’s security firm.  In an update from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe:

As reported via video evidence from the front lines on 10-27-16. A man carrying an assault rifle broke through a barricade and was speeding toward the Oceti Sakowin camp. He was run off the road 1/4 mile north from the Camp. The man exited the vehicle where he appeared to be disguised as a water protector. He then fired several shots from his assault rifle. Tribal law enforcement responded, and the man was eventually apprehended. Insurance Documents from the vehicle reveal that it is owned by Dakota Access Pipeline.

Witnesses say the man was initially spotted in the crowd with an assault rifle in his truck.  When the man was spotted, he began to head towards camp in his truck.  Water protectors made an effort to stop him in the road and set up barricades, but then he took the chase off the road through the grass.  Eventually, fearing for the safety of the woman and children, water protectors forced him onto the riverbank where he stepped out of his truck and opened fire.



Water protectors surrounded him and tried to talk him down until Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) deputies arrived on the scene where they apprehended the man, later identified as Kyle Thompson.


…but not before the water protectors could take pictures of his DAPL security badge and insurance card which lists the truck as pipeline security property.


The insured, Knightsbridge Risk Management, is the private company that provides ‘security’ for big oil companies like DAPL among others.

Along with his DAPL photo ID and insurance papers, a travel log also indicated that Thompson might have been accompanied by another DAPL security agent, Sheldon Webber, who couldn’t be located at the scene and remains at large, according to water protectors who found the documents inside the truck before it caught fire and burned.


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