Statement on the election of Donald J. Trump

To all of those who are still in shock and worried about the future of our country:

When it came down to it there were two kinds of people in this election. There were those who believed the media, the polls, the politicians, the celebrities, and all of the false narratives they were swimming in. And then there were those of us who KNEW they had it all wrong.

Just as Hillary Clinton’s historic victory did not pan out, the establishment’s assertion that Donald Trump represents a racist, sexist, & apocalyptic end to our democracy won’t pan out either. I know it may still be hard for many to believe, but perhaps it’s time for a little faith in those of us who got it right.

To all of the people I see saying things like “what will I tell my children” or “I held my crying family member last night”, I have a very important message for you:

We can AND WILL work together to hold Donald Trump’s feet to the fire. We will not allow any shenanigans, whether they be based on race, sexual orientation, or otherwise. We WILL continue the hard work ahead to ensure that Donald Trump is not just my president, but that he’s a president for ALL Americans. We will do it together. Believe in yourself, believe in us, and most of all, believe in this country.

Find optimism in the fact that the people who created the disasters in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria & elsewhere suffered a devastating loss last night. Find optimism in the fact that those who were so willing to sell out our future for a quick buck today (the globalists) suffered a devastating loss last night. Find optimism in the fact that the snarky, smug, LYING political elites on television and in every major print publication suffered a total & absolute defeat last night.

It will take time for reality to set in, but believe me when I say we have a REAL shot at a better future now. Had it been Hillary Clinton with the entire establishment behind her, we would have never even had a chance.

I know there are many who still don’t see things this way, and frankly there are many who will never see it this way, but Tuesday night was an historic, absolute, and TOTAL victory over the entrenched interests of the corrupt power elite who have been destroying this country since the day I was born.

Lastly, to all of the people who are ‘woke’ and truly know the score, the time for your defeatism is OVER. This is the moment in history when the rubber meets the road. We will work hard to build a better future, with our without you, but I’m absolutely convinced we will go much farther than any of us thought possible IF WE DO IT TOGETHER.

This is the opinion of the author himself and does not necessarily represent the opinions of all individuals in the CitizenOp collective.

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